William Mead

November 19th, 2013

To Whom This May Concern,

It gives me absolute pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Jim Lemmer, whom worked with me as Chief Executive Production Officer at 48HourPrint.com from 2003‐2007.

Jim came onboard when 48HourPrint.com was in its infancy just a few years after I founded the company in 2001. At the time, 48Hourprint.com was an online based printer doing just short of $3M in annual salesand was a broker without any capital printing equipment of its own. Four years later, due largely to Jim’stireless and selfless participation, 48HourPrint.com broke annual sales of $20M with over 100 employees in three facilities in Boson, Cleveland and Phoenix.

Once it was clear we had outgrown the growth potential of being a broker we made the decision to build our first plant with Jim’s recommendations. Starting with a very humble beginning in Cleveland for 48HourPrint.com, Jim took an empty 10,000 sq. ft. general purpose warehouse and constructed a purpose‐built “gang‐run” printing facility from the ground up. Every single aspect of planning, development and construction was overseen and executed by Jim and even though the budget was very tight, the finished operation became an industry model for a world‐class facility. Jim gave up many weekends, 24 hour shifts and invested thousands of hours into what can only be called a labor of love for a start‐up entering its maturity phase. It goes without saying that the overall success of 48HourPrint.com could not have happened without Jim’s knowledge and dedication.

In 2006 Jim saw the need for another facility to meet our constantly growing needs and to take advantage of one day shipping options on the West Coast. Once again, Jim took the lead and developed for a second time, a much larger facility in the Phoenix area where budget was less of a concern.

In my 25 years of working in the printing, advertising and graphics arts industry I have yet to meet someone with Jim’s experience, knowledge and kind mannerisms. He is a gifted and treasured executive manager whom all employees and co‐managers liked, respected and looked up to for encouragement.

Jim treats all situations including high‐stress with absolute grace and professionalism. Please contact me directly at any time if you have any further inquiries about Jim’s accomplishments, experience or executive leadership skills.


William Mead
Founder/Chief Executive Officer 2001‐2007
(508) 858‐9768 East Coast
(323) 508‐1706 West Coast

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