Steve Malloy

March 11th, 2010

To whom it may concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Jim Lemmer.

Jim Lemmer and I have worked on several projects over the past 8 years. From beginning start- up companies to building dozens of revenue generating websites. I have always found Jim to be extremely aggressive when it comes taking a business concept and making it a profitable reality.

One example of this is when he helped me start up a commercial printing company specializing in online web fulfillment management services in Florida. Within 2 years the company was generating 7 million dollars annually. He helped me develop the business model and implement it. The company became a branded name in the local market thanks to Jim.

He is extremely talented and passionate when putting the pieces together to run a successful manufacturing natured business. Also he understands and knows how to implement the main ingredients of a business, marketing, manufacturing, web, financing, accounting and all aspects of operations.

Some other core competencies Jim possess are, team leadership, multi task, communication, product marketing, strategic planning and Entrepreneurship.

He is and expert in aligning planning, leadership, and market launch with organizational vision/goals as well as in client relationship management, traditional and emerging marketing channels, brand techniques, and high-level project management.

Jim is a rare talented professional and is an asset to the any organization. He will outperform all expectations given to him.


Steve Malloy
Cell: 214-425-0705

Other Testimnials

William H. Malloy

February 11th, 2006

To Whom This May Concern, It gives me absolute pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Jim Lemmer, whom worked with me as Chief Executive Production Officer at from 2003‐2007. Jim came onboard when was in its infancy just a few years

Thomas E. Koosed

February 10th, 2006

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this reference letter at the request of Mr. James Lemmer. He has asked me to provide this reference letter that he may show to any prospective busness associate who asks him for references. I have known Jim for only a couple of years in my capacity as