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What I Do

Jim’s first experience within the printing industry at the age if 15 would help guide him the direction of his life’s career, to date, a total of 30 plus years. His knowledge base reaches far and wide, from a newspaper / magazine printer, to offset printing, to silk screen, to large format. Jim has very impressive skills and talent.

He has worked first hand in the production of print such as, head pressman, die cutter, to all binderies, management, and finally to Vice President of production facilities for 3 different ventures he pursued. In the beginning Jim put his sales talents into becoming the top sales rep, obtaining new sales quota  levels that no other representatives had reached.

Jim has always absorbed knowledge very quickly, without limit, and put it to use in his everyday work environment. Jim has a strong desire to learn, and push the ability of his knowledge by not saying “it cant be done” until it is proven by natural law that it cannot be done, and then just a little further after that. While still discovering new options for the industry, practicing new and efficient means to reach outside of the box by any means, determined to find and carry out what other printers said could not be done.

He provided many gateways for the printing industry; to this day those gateways have clearly proven to work in sales, production, and profit. Jim has taken highly successful risks in his professional career, as well as his personal life, and paved the way towards many of todays sales practices, production procedures, facility optimization, gang-run printing, and growth that succeeded far more than 5 to 100 million dollar companies, still running strong to the present day.

Amongst the most recent accomplishments, Jim has introduced the tool that 95% of printers must have in order to survive in today’s technology based businesses. Once again, his wealth of knowledge and ability to optimize a procedure has proven successful, he created and introduced web-based tools that are leading the way for the print industry into the next phase of todays IT obsessed online print buying trend.

Jim is a avid motorcycle rider manufacturing and history buff and enjoys road trips and frequently likes taking trips discovering and exploring places in nature that are untouched by man, that still provide the ultimate peace that cannot be purchased anywhere in the world. He is constantly pursuing inventions and possibilities of random thoughts and ideas that cross him at home and at play.