Zoo adds 11th Komori: LS-540

Komori presses hold their
value, are
easy to operate and provide consistent color — all critical
attributes to meet our customers’ needs of aggressive
turnaround and high quality.”
— Dan Doron

From left: Dan Doron, President, Zoo Printing; Richard True,
Komori District Sales Manager; and Jim Lemmer, Zoo Vice
President of Manufacturing

Full switch to UV by 2015

Lemmer says UV is running on three of their Komori presses and they have plans to convert their entire press inventory to UV by 2015: “This will allow us to provide equal quality across the board in all our plants, which is important to help us maintain our position in the marketplace.” Lemmer says Zoo maintains the same equipment mix at all three of their facilities in order to ensure consistent production and product quality. Another huge initiative is to re-evaluate their entire production process. “We have an efficiency expert working with us on how to cut every bit of waste out of our manufacturing process,
from prepress through shipping. It’s a big undertaking but we know the benefits will be huge for our efficiency and for our customers.”

‘We see it as a win-win’

This fits in nicely with Doron’s growth strategy, which is to expand his company by adding new locations every two years. Zoo
has achieved annual double-digit growth since 2005. “As the industry evolves, I really believe our business model helps the printing industry. What we’re doing is trying to teach printers who may be struggling how to be print resellers — how to keep their customers, divest their equipment and let us handle the printing. We see it as a win-win.”

Jacki Hudmon, senior vice president of sales at Komori America, says the KomoriKare program was designed specifically for customers like Zoo: “Komori presses are the most robust presses in the industry, and with economic constraints, many users are trying to extend the life of their presses for as long as possible.

Our KomoriKare program provides a wide variety of upgrade solutions to help our customers maximize the efficiency and productivity of their Komori presses. Like Zoo Printing, we believe that customer service is what sets us apart in the industry.” Doron agrees: “In our business it’s all about finding the best value in the industry and passing that value on to our clients. For us, Komori is unmatched in value.”