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I have been in the Graphic Arts printing industry since 1984 in the Arizona marketplace. In the 1990’s while employed with Agfa Corporation, I first met Jim Lemmer through some of my business associates at Agfa Corporation in Ohio. As an Ohio native, I got to know Jim well with his print production management as a plant manager/owner of a northern Ohio printing facility.

In the early 2000’s Jim relocated to Tempe, Arizona as a principal with 48 Hour Printing. At that time as the internet was really taking off, Jim was one of the first true printing professionals who understood the future of print in relationship to the internet.

Unlike most traditional printing professionals who never embraced the internet, Jim Lemmer was extremely successful in building and then selling his business 48 Hour Printing which was one of the first Internet to print companies with search optimization. Additionally, he also offered web/internet to wide format printing which no one offered at that time.

After 48 Hour Printing, Jim later started a consulting/software development company based around custom web to print applications for both offset printers and wide format printing companies. Jim’s expertise in being able to deliver an internet/web based experience for his clients created a “life line” for many of the old school commercial print companies who were facing business extinction.

Still today, Jim’s skill set is in high demand as he is a rare person who understand offset and large format print manufacturing along with the ability to seamlessly interface automated JDF workflows coming from web to print/internet driven orders. Finding a person who knows all aspects of the todays print world which is the ability to combine the modern worlds need for internet connectivity is a hard task to accomplish.

Knowing that Jim Lemmer understands and can program front end software/internet applications, implement seamless automated print workflows and then know the production requirements of commercial print equipment can only be found among a rare few individuals in the US when working in the printing industry. Please feel free to contact me to discuss Jim Lemmer’s qualifications.


Greg Seay
HP Indigo division
Commercial Account Manager
480.227.4535 Mobile
480.237.9445 Fax

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